This might be the first step on the way for the border to reopen between Montana and our neighbor north.

The Helena Independent Record is reporting that the State of Montana will start vaccinating Alberta truck drivers on Monday. The whole policy is an agreement between Montana and the province of Alberta to keep trade routes open. Montana has already been prepping to give out over 2,000 vaccines to truck drivers near Conrad, Montana on Interstate 15.

This isn't the first time Montana has vaccinated Alberta's population. The Blackfeet Tribe has a surplus of vaccines last month and vaccinated over 1,000 Alberta citizens who crossed the border for a shot.

The reason behind this is because Canada has been extremely slow at releasing their COVID-19 vaccines due to not having a manufacturer like the United States. So they have had trouble vaccinating their populace and we've been helping out our neighbor to the north.

SMJoness/Getty images
SMJoness/Getty images

Montana has been a state that loves helping out our neighbors to the north and is a popular travel destination between the two. The border has been closed between Montana and Alberta for over a year, minus trade, and folks miss visiting out friends up north. Calgary and Montreal are popular destinations for sports and concerts.

If we can vaccinate not only Montana and help vaccinate Alberta, the border might be opening sooner than we think and that's good news for the summer.

For the whole story, check out the Helena Independent Record.

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