Tuesday morning was not a great morning for Montana drivers. DOZENS of crashes and slide-offs were reported across the state by 12pm. Light snow overnight made for slick highways during the morning hours.

By NOON on Tuesday, January 25th, 2022, there had already been 110 reported incidents through the Montana Highway Patrol across the state of Montana.

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You can check the statewide "Incident Map" at any time, for any time period HERE via the Montana Department of Justice and the Montana Highway Patrol.

There, you will find pertinent details for each incident including time, county, and what type of incident occurred. Usually you'll also see more specific location details within the reported county.

If available, additional details about the incident will be listed such as 'crash with injury', 'crash - no injury', 'slide off', 'jackknife', etc.

The stretch of I-90 between Anaconda and Big Timber was particularly active on Tuesday morning:

MHP Crash Map - Jan 25 Anaconda to Big Timber
MHP Crash Map - Jan 25 Anaconda to Big Timber

On a positive note, there were no current weather advisories for the state as of Noon on Tuesday. THERE ARE TWO WIND ADVISORIES taking effect Tuesday evening for Livingston area and Beartooth Foothills.

According to the National Weather Service:

  • WHAT...Southwest winds gusting to 60 mph.
  • WHERE...Beartooth Foothills and Livingston Area.
  • WHEN...From 8 PM Tuesday evening to 11 AM Wednesday.
  • IMPACTS...Strong crosswinds will make travel difficult along Interstate 90 from Livingston to Big Timber and roads along the Beartooth Foothills.
  • ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Localized blowing and drifting snow is also possible.

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