This seems like a huge missed opportunity for all Bozeman golf courses to be involved or even any golf courses in our area.

Montana State Athletics released the 2021-2022 schedule for Women's Golf and they have a great lineup of tournaments, including one that is being hosted by Montana State. The problem is, the one tournament that is being hosted by Montana State is not even in Bozeman, it's about an hour and a half away from campus.

Montana State Women's Golf will be hosting a tournament called 'The Battle At Old Works' in Anaconda, Montana, September 27th-28th at The Old Works Golf Course.

Listen, I love the Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda. It's absolutely gorgeous and the course is fantastic but I have to see this and admit this has to be a loss for any golf course in the Gallatin Valley area.

Playing golf. Club and ball on tee
NiseriN/Getty Images

If Montana State University is hosting a golf tournament I would hope one of the many fantastic golf courses here should have to host it. All the public and private golf courses in our area are great. From Bridger Creek to Cottonwood to Riverside, they would have been great hosts for a golf tournament. I am surprised that even Big Sky didn't want to hop on board for this, especially after the success of The Match with Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson.

Ami I wrong here? Maybe none of the golf courses here had time or resources to host Montana State's golf event.

For more details, check out MSU Athletics.

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