This new ESPN deal is already paying dividends for the Montana State football team and could have big implications.

If you don't remember, back in early June 2020, the Big Sky Conference signed a big new television deal with the sports giant ESPN. This new deal included Big Sky Conference football games on ESPN's streaming service ESPN+ and this included all Big Sky Conference sports, not just football. Plus, every year ESPNU would nationally broadcast two or more Big Sky football games a year. Well, we just found out the two football games that will be on ESPNU this year and this includes a game for the Montana State Bobcats.

Credit: MSU Bobcats via Twitter

The reason why this is a big deal for the Montana State Bobcat football team is that the huge exposure being on national television. Having the Bobcats on the national stage will help with recruiting and bring in more money to help build facilities for Bobcat Athletics. This is a huge deal.

The only thing I wish is that this was a home game for the Bobcats because having a packed Bobcat Stadium on national TV against a conference rival would be electric.

For more details check out MSU Athletics.

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