We all knew this year will be different for all sports.

MSU Athletics released the schedule for both the men's and women's basketball teams and they will both have a twenty game season within conference but they will be facing opponents in a different way.

Instead of facing two teams on a home or road stand, they will face the same team. So if you look at either the men's or women's schedule you will see they will face the same opponent twice in a row.

This whole reasoning behind this is to limit the amount of exposure at different facilities and with COVID-19 cases on the rise this seems like a pretty good idea.

There is also a difference right now between the men's and women's schedules due to the fact that the MSU women still have a small non conference slate  but the men do not.

They haven't even broached the subject of fans in the stands yet. If they allow public attendance they will have to determine how many will be allowed and how will they determine who gets tickets. Both the Bobcat men's and women's basketball teams have a huge local following and usually sell out the crowds and not being able to have a full arena of supportive Bobcat fans would be a huge loss.

The whole back to back series with opponents is a smart move by the Big Sky Conference. Limiting the people you play and where you play is a good move and I applaud them for this idea.

Let's just hope they allow some fans in the stands.

For more details, check out MSU Athletics.

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