This place is literally it's own little world in Montana and even though it might cost you, it will probably be worth it.

Love Exploring came out with a list of Every State's Most Secluded Hotel and I thought this would be interesting for Montana because there are a few secluded hotels that are absolutely gorgeous and amazing.  The place they ended up going to in Montana is essentially it's own little town and world and worth every penny.

Credit: The Resort at Paws Up via Facebook
Credit: The Resort at Paws Up via Facebook

Love Exploring chose The Resort at Paws Up just outside of Missoula, Montana, This place is actually a wilderness sanctuary and has everything. Camping, lodges, fishing, restaurants, shopping and more. This place has so many activities and sights to see that it's essentially endless. The Resort at Paws Up does cost a pretty penny to go there but with their five star accommodations and as someone who has spent a few nights there it's worth every penny.

The thing is if you don't want to spend a ton of money and be secluded there are plenty of other options through out Montana that are just as secluded. From U.S. Forest Fire Watch cabins that are pristine and deep in the wilderness or even renting a place on Flathead Lake there are plenty of spots that can accommodate what you are in the mood for.

That's one of the perks about Montana, whether you want to be secluded out in the forest and enjoy the beauty of Montana or in the city we can accommodate every one. From tourists to people who want a staycation, we can take care of it all.

For more details, check out Love Exploring.

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