Well, this is a kind of a bummer if you want to retire in Montana.

According to Kiplinger.com, Montana is one of the worst states for retirement in the nation. We aren't number one but we are number eight. The big factors in this are that we are the lowest in the country for income residents age 65+ and our tax situation isn't the best. Apparently our state taxes most forms of retirement income which effect our older residents.

Credit:Lucia Lambriex/Getty Images

Listen, I know for a fact that seems pretty bad but we have a huge population of residents that are 65+ that are willing to live here because it's slower paced compared to bigger cities or more populated states. I mean, have you seen how gorgeous our state is? Who wouldn't want to live here?

If you want to check out what states are worst than Montana for retirement check out Kiplinger.com.

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