So, we all know how amazing Montana is. From the outdoors to the nightlife Montana has a lot to offer everyone. Well, apparently, someone agreed with us because comprised a 2017 List of the Most Fun States and Montana was ranked 9th.

It's pretty crazy to look at especially because we rank ahead of states like California and Washington, but somehow both Dakotas and Wyoming are ranked higher than us. One of the craziest things I saw was that Montana is ranked 2nd in Nightlife in America just right behind Nevada.

Listen, Montana is an amazingly fun state. We all know this. We have two of best national parks in America (Yellowstone and Glacier) and the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi River (Flathead). During the summer is there any place better to go fishing, camping or hiking? The only problem with this list, though, if everyone outside of our state finds out how much fun Montana is they might move here.

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