There is a place right here in Bozeman that is the best.

Credit:Maren Caruso/Getty Images

Well, we have a controversy on our hands, ladies and gentlemen.

The geniuses at MSN Lifestyle put together a list of the places to get the best hot dog in every state in America. Apparently, the best place to get a hot dog in Montana is up in Big Sky at Yeti Dogs. I understand they have some pretty amazing hot dogs, and I always go there when I am up at Big Sky, but I have to disagree with MSN Lifestyle for choosing Yeti Dogs. I believe that the best place to get a hot dog is right here in Bozeman.

The best place to get a hot dog is obviously at Paulie's Hot Dogs and Deli. I mean, seriously, how could they mess this up?

Paulie's is a Bozeman institution. When I moved here that was one of the first places I went to because it was highly recommended. I love their hot dogs. Also, I just wanted to give an honorable mention shoutout to Schudogs because even though they are a food cart, they have some tasty hot dogs as well.

Do you think I am crazy or am I right? Hit me up with your opinion.

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