Nothing better during the summer than hanging out on a beautiful lake and being around good friends and family. release a list of The Best Lake Towns in the US and one of the towns is located right here in Montana.

That town is Bigfork, Montana.

Located on the east side of Flathead Lake (the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River) this place is perfect during the summer. They have great fishing, boating and the town is a blast during the summer with festivals and other great events it's a place to check out.

Don't forget though there are some other great lake towns in Montana. Polson, Lakeside and even Woodsbay are a blast and also reside right on Flathead Lake and even Whitefish has a lake of their own.

We have a lot of great places to go check out this summer but don't miss out on these amazing Montana lake towns to not only enjoy the beauty of Montana but enjoy the water.

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