Dating can be scary or exciting but there have been a few times where your date can just turn into a horror story. So I reached out to some of my friends and I decided to compile a list of some of the wildest date stories that we have encountered here in Montana.

By the way we definitely have stories from both sides of the fence. Here are a few of the best of the best.

  1. The Astrological Lady, "Went on a date with a girl at Red Chair, we had been chatting for about two hours and was having a great time and then she brought up astrological signs and how important they are. She asked what my sign was and I said "Scorpio". Her response "Ew" and proceeded to get up and leave. I was speechless. The bartender was even blown away. Let's just say I find out if they are into astrological signs ahead of time now.
  2. The Leftover King, "Was on a lovely date with this guy and we were having dinner. The server came over to our table and asked if we needed anything else. He told the server to box up the rest of my meal. The thing was I wasn't finished and he took my food home with him. He didn't even ask if I was still eating or if I wanted my leftovers. Apparently he was hungry."
  3. The Missed Dunk "A buddy of mine was on a date at a 3 on 3 basketball tournament and at night they had a dunk contest. To impress the girl he entered the dunk contest. When it was his turn to dunk, he goes up, gets rejected by the rim and as he falls to the ground, let's just say his arm failed to break the fall. He stands up with a fully broken forearm and the crowd was going crazy. He ends up going to the hospital, she ends up never talking to him again. Oof"

Those are just a few of some of our favorite stories we have heard from friends and family but are there any other horror stories in Montana you know about? We would love to hear it.

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