Last month I wrote about rude behaviors you see at Montana concerts, such as beer throwing, heckling and starting fights. That kind of crap is obnoxious and I've seen a lot of it locally, but this study by No Deposit Fan of each state's concert etiquette shows me that I should really consider myself lucky, check out their graphic below:

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No Deposit Fan's study didn't include an actual ranking for this metric (it did mention Kentucky and Maine have the most disruptive crowds) but as you can tell by that nice shade of yellow on the graphic, Montana's among the states with the least rude or disruptive behaviors at concerts. I love that Montana made the cut to be included in the list below:

If you’re looking to catch a Taylor Swift concert and don’t want a fellow attendee screaming in your ear or getting up in your space, look for performances in Alaska, Louisiana, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, or Wyoming. -No Deposit Fan

This article has a breakdown of their statistics and methodology, but gist is that they surveyed 1003 concert goers from all 50 states and asked about how frequently they encountered behaviors like littering, ignoring venue rules, and the most common concert faux pa, excessive smart phone use. I guess it shouldn't surprise me No Deposit Fans' study found these behaviors aren't as common here as in other states, considering this study from YouGov which found Montana is one of the most polite states in the country.

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