Who wants to be they really don't do a lot of research behind these?

Cheapism released a list of the 30 Unexpectedly Awesome Places to Retire Across America and one place in Montana made the list and it's very far from Bozeman.

Actually, it is Bozeman.

Downtown Bozeman, Montana
Townsquare Media

The reasons why they chose Bozeman for this list was due to several factors such as:

For the outdoors and nature-loving retirees, low crime Bozeman has an airport and close proximity to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.

First off, I love that Bozeman having an airport is a huge plus but also they do know we are also famous for Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl. Let's not forget to mention the world class fishing as well.

Then the article goes on to talk about Bozeman have no sales tax and, something that made me laugh out loud, low median house prices.

Low median house prices? Did they even look at the data for Bozeman?

Listen, I love Bozeman and thankful that I live here but the housing market is a nightmare for people who want to live here and are trying to buy a house. I think this list is completely off on this.

Cheapism does go on to talk about the hiking, unique shops and eateries that make you love Bozeman and that's true. We have incredible small businesses here from restaurants to retail but the folks who work at those shops having trouble finding employees because it's so expensive to live here.

That's just my opinion though.

As much as I love Bozeman, I don't know if I could retire here.

How do you feel about this list? Let me know.

For more details, check out the whole list on MSN Money.

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