Miley Cyrus has come under fire for her alleged exploitation of little people, and she's not standing by waiting for it to blow over. Instead, she's sitting next to some little people and using predictable language to defend herself.

One of Cyrus' dancers from her infamous 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance named Hollis said she was "shaking and crying" after the show and felt "less than human." She explained, "I will never forget that performance because it is what forced me to draw my personal line in the sand ... For the first time I felt truly ashamed of being a little person," she continued. "We were being used simply because we were little. It felt like society still saw us as a joke, despite the fact there is literally nothing different about me other than the fact I am small."

Liam Hemsworth

And some other little people are team Miley, too. One of her other petite dancers, Jordanna James, told Heat magazine (via Radar Online), "[Miley's] not using anybody. She supports all shapes and sizes. She wants to embrace diversity -– everyone's different," she added. "That's what I love about her. She's giving us an opportunity."