This weekend, an inside joke between Lupe Fiasco and Childish Gambino (a.k.a. Donald Glover) spilled all over Twitter.

The Twitter handle for Lupe's merch store posed the idea of Lupe and Glover collaborating on a project. "@LupeFiasco speaking of which, you guys should do something.. doesn't have to be music either. @DonaldGlover."

Lu responded, "Nah, I don't work with blacks @lupefiascostore @DonaldGlover." Lupe's profile is protected, so the good folks at Vibe shared the exchange.

Gambino, who appeared to be joking, talked "tough" in response. "Lupe fiasco a h-- ass n---- And wen I see him I'ma smack him like da lil bitch he is." The actor-rapper was quoting Chief Keef, who dissed Fiasco with that same response via Twitter last year.

It seems to be all in good fun, as Lupe cleared up the situation later on. "Well that settles it...even wit a private twitter & obvious jokes I still somehow make headlines... #sideeyes @VibeMagazine @childishgambino."