If you missed out on last night's epic concert, I hope this shows you just how amazing the whole night truly was.

Last night, Logjam Presents The ELM, Bozeman's newest music venue on 7th Avenue, officially opened with their first concert and it was awesome. The concert featured the famous electronic duo Louis the Child and had supporting acts Jai Wolf, who did a DJ set, and Evan Giia.

From the opening of the doors, people were flooding in and getting ready to dance the night away and probably lose some hearing as well. The crowd was electric. The floor of The ELM was filled wall to wall with people jumping up and down and interacting with the artists on stage. I was one of the folks on the balcony jamming out to all the great music from the night.

Evan Giia started the night and I didn't know much about her but from the first moment she stepped out on stage, she controlled the crowd. The young people on the floor were jumping up and down and keeping the energy up. Evan Giia performed a great set of energetic songs and did awesomely.

Jai Wolf came out next and just did a DJ set but he blew me away. Jai Wolf didn't have a slow moment during his set and everyone was going crazy dancing, jumping, and giving all the positive energy back to Jai. Even the folks up on the balcony with me were going nuts and head bopping to all the music he was playing.

Then, the headliner Louis the Child came out and from beginning to end had the crowd hyped up. Their music is perfect for dancing the night away with your friends and everyone had a smile on their face.

Logjam Presents and The ELM crushed their first show and we can't wait to see what they do next.

Check out the full fall/winter lineup at The ELM courtesy of Logjam Presents.

Louis The Child at The ELM

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