Whether or not controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is stirring it up for himself, trouble keeps finding him one way or another.

On Tuesday evening (February 6), Paul was forced to make a citizen's arrest after a man broke into his San Fernando Valley home, TMZ reports.

Around 10 p.m., the social media star found the intruder sitting on his living room couch, charging his cell phone.

Speaking to TMZ, authorities reported that the man, who knew the house belonged to Paul and "just wanted to meet him," entered through the unlocked front door.

Several people were home at the time, but were upstairs during the break-in and did not come downstairs as they believed that Paul had just come home.

The man was arrested for criminal trespass.

The break-in follows a series of volatile months for the YouTube star. Back in December, Paul came under fire for seemingly making light of suicide and showing the body of a deceased man in a video he filmed while in Japan. The incident resulted in YouTube cutting ties with him.

Paul was also threatened with a lawsuit from a clothing company who claimed that his "Maverick by Logan Paul" apparel line infringed upon their name, "Maverick Apparel," and that damage had been done to the brand due to Paul's controversial behavior in Japan.

Earlier this month, Paul had a brush with death when his parachute failed to deploy while he was skydiving.

After a hiatus, Paul returned to YouTube with a new video on Sunday, February 4.

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