This news will get under the skin of many locals. 

If there is one thing that annoys locals here in the Gallatin Valley, it's tourists. The way they drive, act ridiculous, and try to pet the wildlife, they have a way of getting under the skin of Montanans. Well, this won't help their case. 

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Thrillist came out with a list of the Best Cities to Visit in the United States for a Weekend Trip, and Bozeman landed on the list, along with cities like Boise and Santa Fe. 

Downtown Bozeman via Facebook
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

Thrillist describes Bozeman as a town where you can connect with Mother Nature. Of course, they mention Bozeman being down the road from Yellowstone National Park and near several natural hot springs. This article describes not only Bozeman, but the whole state of Montana as one massive campground. 

Listen, is Bozeman a great town to visit for a weekend? Yes. Bozeman is a destination year-round with camping and ski areas to check out. If you haven't been to the Bozeman airport in the past year, the number of folks coming into Bozeman is wild. 

Downtown Bozeman
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

I wouldn't, however, describe the whole state of Montana as a campground. Western Montana and parts of Southwest Montana are havens for campers, but they need to be careful. The amount of wildlife incidents we have had this year with tourists is larger than in previous years. 

I know this article won't make many locals happy because this will encourage more tourists to check out Bozeman. We can't fight that. The only thing we can do is roll with the punches and hope that the tourists coming to check out Bozeman enjoy themselves and respect our state. 

For more details, check out Thrillist

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