When Bruno Mars wrote ‘Marry You,’ he probably had a hunch that it might become a popular proposal song, but even he couldn’t have envisioned the 60-person live-action scene put together by one smitten Portland resident, who used the track to propose to his girlfriend in a scene captured by hidden cameras.

Isaac Lamb told his girlfriend Amy to meet him on May 23 at his parents’ house. There, Isaac’s brother told her to sit in the back of a Honda as he began playing ‘Marry You.’ As the car began moving slowly, friends and relatives began appearing in front of Amy, delivering choreographed dances as they lip-synched the song.

Even members of a marching band showed up, leading up to the big reveal at the end of the song when the groom appeared in a black suit and walked up to Amy, formally proposing. Of course, she said yes. Who could say no after such an impressive display?

As Idolator noted, the lip-dub video even caught the eye of Mars himself, who tweeted, “Congrats to Isaac Lamb and the future Mrs.. I don’t think I could’ve made a better music video for this song.”

Future would-be grooms, you’ve been warned — the bar on creative marriage proposals has just been raised. Good luck competing with this!

Watch the Marriage Proposal Set to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’