The apocalypse may be nigh, but Lights, with all her fiery fighting spirit (and fire engine-red hair), is prepared for the revolution with her forthcoming fourth studio album, Skin & Earth—and the latest track off the record proves she's ready to rumble.

"Savage" finds the Canadian pop star delivering one hell of a scathing kiss-off to a dude who did her dirty. A gut punch of rollicking, grimy electro-rock anchored by a stomping, rafters-rattling electric guitar riff, the singer growls about a lover who's turned to, well, ice: "What do you do when a man don't love you? / He takes the sun from the sky above you / How do you fix the damage? / How do you break the habit? / I never knew you could be so savage."

Even in the quieter, more emotive and bluesy moments she's unrelenting in her righteous woman-scored fury: "In a flash flood of cruelty you washed the ground out from under me," she modulates, heartbroken, over the raucous beats and smoky backroom synths.

Watch below:

On Thursday (August 10), the Juno Award-winning pop star unveiled the cover for Skin & Earth (below).

Skin & Earth Lights 2017
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

Speaking exclusively to PopCrush back in April, the singer described her new album, which is accompanied by a comic series of the same name, as "the craziest and...most work I've ever put into something."

Skin & Earth is due out September 22.

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