It's Halloween tomorrow! If any part of that last statement was news to you, keep reading - I'm writing it for you. There are Halloween parties, there's trick-or-treating and there's the excitement of being able to dress up. Here are several last-minute costume ideas you can pull together before tomorrow. 

One year, I hadn't planned on going out for Halloween so I didn't think of a costume. I think I wore a super-lame "costume" to work. It was so lame I don't even remember what it was. That night, with about 2 hours lead time, I was asked to join a friend at a Halloween party. I scrambled to get a more legit costume together.

COSTUME: A SWIMMER (well past her prime)

I was a swimmer with a spare tire-ish. Okay, so the costume was pretty lame but it was fun. I grabbed all my swim stuff and made it bigger. I threw on some goggles, stuffed my suit so it looked like my stomach was spilling out all over the place and found an inner tube and squeezed myself into it. As I was leaving the house, I grabbed anything summery I could find and put it on me. Just like that, I had a costume.


Another year, I was a dead beauty queen. I went to the thrift store, picked out the first formal dress I could find, put lighter makeup all over my face with tons of powder and darkened around my eyes. I made a sash out of ribbon and used a sharpie to write "Homecoming Queen". Classy, I know. If I dressed as this "character" tomorrow, I would probably make the sash a bit more generic. I don't want to offend anyone. You just never know what people have been through. (I'm not sure when I got to be so politically correct, by the way). It was a costume and it worked perfectly. Add some hairspray to your hair and rat it a bit, throw some leaves and small branches into the rat's nest you've created on your head and get your dress dirty. Boom, you've just emerged from the grave.

I've gathered more ideas for last-minute costumes in the links below. Let me know if you choose to be one of these. I want to see your pictures! Fun!

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Do you have any ideas you can share?