If you have ever seen the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" you may be interested in the weather forecast for the next week. While it doesn't carry the drama that Hollywood was able to create, it does carry the snow. Experts are expecting record amounts of snow and ice.



A monster winter storm bigger than some places have seen in years churned toward the nation's midsection Monday as the region geared up its defenses against a potentially deadly mix of snow, sleet and ice.

While the Northeast has spent this season digging out from snowfall after snowfall, the Midwest has been comparatively unscathed. Not this time, forecasters say.

Up to 2 feet of snow was predicted for some cities, followed by a blast of Arctic winds. The storm is expected to carve a frigid path from Denver to New England by week's end.

Thunderstorms, tornadoes and drenching rains are predicted farther south.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, urging residents to prepare for the worst, is already dispatching teams of emergency responders. Winter storm warnings and watches are in effect from Texas to the Great Lakes states. Schools are already closed in Kansas and Missouri.

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