This summer's hottest look? Two middle fingers raised toward the roof, and Kesha's the latest fit model.

The Rainbow singer, who wowed fans with the release of the stark, powerful "Praying" in early July, has gone in a completely different direction with her forthcoming LP's follow-up. "Woman," the video for which dropped today (July 13), is a honky-tonk tell off with enough F-bombs to level a major metropolis.

"I do what I want, don't care what you say / I work real hard every day / I'm a motherf------ woman, baby, all right / I don't need a man to be holding me too tight," Kesha croons while festooned in a cowboy hat, flashy gold suit and spools upon spools of metallic ribbon.

"I'm in love. Kesha, this new era is already amazing," one YouTube follower wrote upon the video's release, while another noted "FIRST PRAYING NOW THIS! MY POOR WIG. SO HAPPY YOU'RE BACK QUEEN!"

Rainbow, due out August 11, has the potential to "change the world," producer Ricky Reed recently told People

"She’s channeled so many experiences into just some of the most honest and powerful songs that I’ve ever been a part of,” he said. “I really think the world of her, and also, I can’t wait for the world to hear her sing the way she’s been singing in my studio. It really is a very, very special album. I’m just so honored to be a part of it."

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