Justin Timberlake has released his new album Man of the Woods today and it's an interesting album due to the fact he has said a majority of the album has been inspired by Montana. Justin is a mostly a full time resident of Montana with a home in Big Sky and he even has a song on the album called 'Montana'. So I thought I would review his song 'Montana' and see if it could live up to the hype of what Montana is all about.

I like this song quite a bit. It has a 80's vibe to it and I am all about that. Listen, I don't know if the song is about Montana or he's trying to describe Montana as a lady but it works. Justin uses his high pitch vocal range to great effect throughout the song. I think this will be one of his most beloved tracks off the album. It's different from what he has done in the past and it sounds great. Even though Justin may be a transplant to our state, it seems he understands how wonderful this place truly is.

Credit:RCA Records
Credit:RCA Records

What did you feel about the song? Did you like it or were you not a fan of it?


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