Just kidding, you guys! Justin Bieber totally knows how to eat a burrito properly. Probably.

It turns out the Canadian pop star was not trolling all of human civilization with that wacky photo of him eating a burrito in the wrongest way imaginable: from the middle, sideways, not from one of its ends.

In fact, the photo, which understandably went viral late last week, was not of Justin Bieber at all, but rather was a prank photo staged by YouTube channel Yes Theory, starring uncanny Bieber look-alike Brad Sousa. (Seriously, the guy looks just like the Biebs.)

In a new video uploaded to YouTube, the producers behind Yes Theory explain how they coordinated the ridiculous prank, from reaching out to Sousa and flying him out to LA from Canada, to distributing the photo to numerous media outlets in an effort to make the image go viral.

Watch, below:

So, while our faith in humanity has been somewhat restored—seriously, eating a burrito in such an innately wrong way is practically a sign of the apocalypse—we've also been starkly reminded that you shouldn't trust everything you see on the internet.

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