Not only are Justin Bieber and Usher good friends, they are also competitive as well. When the R&B crooner held his one-day run in the off-Broadway production of ‘Fuerza Bruta’ to preview his new album ‘Looking 4 Myself,’ Biebs came through to support his boss.

While Bieber thought he was there to enjoy a show, Usher had other intentions. Midway through his performance of ‘Scream,’ Usher challenged Bieber to a dance battle for dance-floor supremacy. “[We] brought him to the middle of the dance floor, and we got it in,” he recalls to MTV News. “But we always show support for each other like that. We was housing a little bit.”

Usher takes great pride in watching Bieber evolve into a pop superstar. At 18 years of age, Bieber has been able to achieve his dreams and surround himself with some good people. “Cool part about it is, he’s really able to live a dream that I think most teenagers would want to,” says Usher. “To be able to have friends like [Floyd] Mayweather — they are actual friends, hang out, talk — it’s really cool to be able to have friends all around the world and people that can relate to your reality.”

“I don’t think Michael [Jackson] had people like that,” he continued. “I didn’t have a ton of people like that. I had Puff. I had JD [producer Jermaine Dupri] … but to be able to have friends all around the world that keep you, it’s cool.”

Sadly, Usher reveals that a Justin Bieber and Usher duet is still in the works. “We actually have the first phase of both of our albums, which the song will not be featured there but stayed tuned,” he said. “We want to make sure it’s perfect. Neither one of us wanted the hoopla of it just being a publicity moment. When it’s finished it’s going to be an incredible [song].”

Watch Justin Bieber Battle-Dancing at Usher’s Listening Party