The number for July will probably be massive.

Yellowstone National Park released their visitation statistics for the month of June and even though the numbers are still down, they have been slowly increasing overall.

Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming, USA
f11photo/Getty Images

Overall, Yellowstone National Park hosted over 554,000 people in the park in the month of June 2020. It's a huge decrease of 32% of June 2019 but in the last ten days of June the attendance shot up drastically.

As of right now all of the five entrances to Yellowstone are open, two in Wyoming and three in Montana.

With more COVID-19 cases popping up across the United States, more folks are looking to places or states that haven't seen significant spiking to go visit.

Ever since Yellowstone officially opened they have been slammed with visitors from all over America wanting to see the oldest national park and get away from the bigger cities with thousands of COVID-19 cases.

We won't know the July statistics till the middle of August but we can probably predict that July 2020 might beat July 2019 for attendance. You basically couldn't get in during 4th of July weekend it was so packed.

If you are planning on going to Yellowstone National Park very soon make sure you social distance with the increase attendance of visitors and please keep a safe distance from all wildlife.

We can't stress that enough. Also, please stay on the trails and paths that are laid out, we don't want anyone to get hurt.

For more details on the visitation statistics for Yellowstone National Park in June, check out this press release.

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