In April, news that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were splitting up was confirmed. They were supposed to get married in 2020, but had to postpone the wedding due to the pandemic. Now, they're officially done.

Shortly after news of the breakup was released, rumors started circulating that Jennifer Lopez was dating Ben Affleck. At first they were rumors, but now we have concrete evidence that the two are spending time together.

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According to an article published Monday on TMZ, J. Lo and Affleck spent some time together up at Big Sky over the weekend. Apparently, Ben Affleck was seen driving around the area, with J. Lo riding shotgun.

Lopez and Affleck have dated in the past. They were an item in the early 2000s. They had wedding plans, but that wedding was called off as well. Recently, it seems as if they've rekindled their relationship and have been spending quite a bit of time together. They insist that they're just friends, but we aren't buying it.

TMZ received the information from a source in Montana who saw them at Big Sky. The source claimed that they seemed very much like a couple.

Neither J. Lo or Ben have confirmed that they were together over the weekend, but TMZ reports that they flew out of Montana together Sunday from the Bozeman Yellowstone National Airport in route to Los Angeles. Once they arrived at LAX, the pair reportedly left in an SUV together.

Many celebrities have spent time in Montana recently, especially in the Big Sky area. We'll have to wait and see if J. Lo and Ben are officially an item.

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