I think I may have stumbled across something I never thought was possible.

This past week we took a road trip to Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and Nevada. Yes it was a lot of driving, but we just skimmed Arizona so I have to take them out of the running for making Montana look good.

Now Utah and Idaho...we need to talk.

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Driving in Montana can be a straight up nightmare, the drivers and pot holes alone make my blood pressure rise, which I didn't think was possible. Our beautiful state is full of idiotic drivers, we see it daily. BUT, driving through Utah and Idaho almost makes Montana look like it is full of world class drivers. Which we know is not accurate by any means.

In Idaho I hit potholes on the interstate I thought were going to make my entire car crumble to pieces. The sound it makes when it comes to car vs. pothole literally hurts. Not just my car but my pride. Then on top it of, you have drivers that go either 2 below the speed limit or 30 above. It's beyond frustrating.


Now we get to Utah. What. The. Heck.

Everyone is going 90+ miles per hour, swerving in and out of the 4-5 lanes, acting like they are on fire. I'm cool with people going whatever speed they choose, BUT if you are in the Express lane, going 3 over the speed limit, get your booty over. Express means you are going straight for miles and want to go faster. Hence the reason it is called express.


Seriously, driving through Utah and Idaho make driving in Montana less annoying. So I guess I should thank those two states for making our state look way less terrible when it comes to driving.

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