One of the best aspects of life, in my opinion, is going to a live concert. Nothing beats the live music, the cheering from the audience, and experiencing something special. 

Bozeman has been excellent in 2022 for live music, especially with Logjam Presents newly opened venue, The ELM. This summer and fall are scheduled to see even more concerts ranging from country to electronic to heavy metal and more styles of music. The thing is, there is one music venue that hasn't had a live show in almost three years, and we have to ask, what's going on? 

The music venue we are talking about is of course, The Rialto in downtown Bozeman. The Rialto was renovated several years ago, and was host to stand-up comedy shows, small intimate concerts, and private events. The Rialto has received high praise for its concert layout and fantastic atmosphere. 

The thing is, when The ELM opened up and started booking shows, we were wondering when The Rialto would get its first show in 2022. So far, there hasn't been a show announcement for 2022. Nothing in the spring, summer, or fall. What's the deal? Maybe Logjam Presents thinks The Rialto is too small for the concerts they are booking. Or maybe there is more than meets the eye. 

Either way, we hope this changes soon because The Rialto is great when hosting a live event. The sign gets lit up and catches your eye if you are walking or driving, on Main Street. It was gorgeous, and we hope The Rialto sign gets to light up once more soon. 

Check Logjam Presents for all concerts coming to Bozeman. 

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