I think the biggest problem is that this city wasn't ready for the exponential growth it has experienced in the past ten years.

Go Banking Rates came out with a list of the Biggest Boomtowns in Every State and it's eye-opening. This means a town or city in every state has seen the biggest growth of population, per capita income, and housing units in recent years. The answer shouldn't really surprise you though.

The biggest boomtown in Montana should be no surprise, it's Bozeman. Bozeman has been growing exponentially over the past ten years and it's been quite literally mind blowing. According to these statistics, Bozeman has grown over 23% in the past eight years and has seen a steady increase of per capita income and owned housing units in recent years.

Listen, we aren't surprised Bozeman was picked it's become a destination for folks to move to. We cater to every kind of person. college students, families, retirees, and the outdoorsy folks. We have two ski resorts nearby, Yellowstone National Park, fly fishing, hot springs, and a world class university. We clearly have it all.

The problem with this huge growth has definitely caused a lot of problems locally though. From driving up housing prices to unreasonable amounts and caused many folks who worked service industry into moving away which has worsened the staff shortage.

The thing is, even though with some of these problems Bozeman keeps on growing with no end in sight. We will have to see what happens in the coming years but Bozeman has to growing so fast, right?

For more details, check out Go Banking Rates.

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