There's a real chance that Pabst Blue Ribbon could become extinct by the end of the year.

Fortune is reporting that Pabst Blue Ribbon and the MillerCoors company are facing off in court and the future of PBR could be at stake.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Since, 1999 MillerCoors has been brewing several of PBR brands including Pabst, Old Milwaukee and National Bohemia. The agreement ends in 2020 and both sides are fighting over what will happen to these brands.

MillerCoors is claiming that they do not have the room or infrastructure to continue brewing PBR, but Pabst says this is nothing more than MillerCoors trying to cut out a competitor.

There is a real shot that if PBR loses this fight they could go bankrupt.

For more details, check out the Fortune article.

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