With all the not-so-smart ways that people attempt to deter wildlife, you would think that at some point these viral videos would end. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Every year we hear about people getting gored and killed in national parks and it always seems like there are a few people that think, "That won't happen to me." Well my friend, wild animals don't discriminate. Not the ones in Montana, anyway.

Here are just a few reminders of what NOT to do when trying to fight off wild animals.

First off, please do not charge or try to slap a bear. If it is you, a bear, and the wilderness, slapping a bear is probably one of the last things you should do.

Now, I'm not sure this one ever gets old. Do we approach bison? NO. This girl's commentary is basically 100% accurate. Kudos to her for knowing how idiotic these tourists are.

What is worse: the fact that they guy gets knocked over, or the fact that the other tourists around him are just as close to this elk as he was? Either way, why do people get so close to elk in the first place? This isn't a petting zoo.

Now I would like to think that Montanans are smarter than the people in these videos, and for the most part I do believe they are. So what can we do to stop people from being so incredibly ignorant when it comes to wildlife? Maybe there should be a required "I promise not to do dumb things" safety class all tourists are required to take.

Just a suggestion.

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