We have some iconic songs about other states, but is there one for Montana? We might have found one.

We all know songs about famous states. There is Hotel California by The Eagles, Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and Viva Las Vegas by Elvis. There seem to be countless songs about the most popular states in America, but what about Montana?

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We know of a few songs about Montana, but is there one that is iconic? We might have found that answer.

Stacker published a list of The Most Iconic Song For Every State, and we wondered what could be the pick for Montana. If you don't know, one country legend has a song about Montana, and it's perfect.

The most iconic song about Montana is Montana Song by Hank William Jr.

The song is pure country. It's the perfect song that encompasses how we live in Montana and the lifestyle we all know and love. It's a bold choice to come to Montana to spend a winter because we know how brutal it can get. It's honestly the best song to choose for this list.

We did some digging and found other songs about Montana that blew our minds.

Jimmy Buffett, who sadly passed away recently, has a song called Livingston Saturday Night and it's an absolute banger of a song. It talks about going out on the town in Livingston, and the song is incredibly upbeat.

More recently, Justin Timberlake created a song called Montana. The song is about how you never want to leave our fine state. Justin Timberlake has made his home in Big Sky his primary residence for years, and you can understand why after listening to this song.

So many other surprising artists have made songs about Montana, including John Denver, Chris Ledoux, and Owl City. Stacker made the right choice with the Hank Wililams Jr. song.

For more details, check out Stacker.

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