I know this place is great and I have been there a few times but there are a few other places that deserve some consideration.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a ranking of the Best Burger and Fries in Every State and for Montana they kind of chose a place that is great but there are some other places that could easily rival the location.

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MSN Lifestyle chose The Burger Dive in Billings, Montana as the Best Burger and Fries Place in Montana and it's great. Their burgers are fantastic and they usually have a line out the door and for good reason. They have been featured on Man vs. Food and have many awards for their burgers. The thing is though, there are some other spots throughout Montana that should be considered.

For instance here in Bozeman. Backcountry Burger Bar has incredible burger choices and their fries are always fire(I could do a whole post on their garlic parmesan aioli). You could even go with University Burger as well for best burger and fries up on the Montana State campus. They have so many exquisite burger combinations and their fries. They personally have my favorite burger in the whole state of Montana and just even writing about them makes me crave one.

Other places in Montana that should be considered is Scottie's Bar in Kalispell, Bulldog Saloon in Whitefish, Bert and Ernie's in Helena, and many others.

I love talking about cheeseburgers in Montana especially due to the fact there are so many places that could be considered for Best Burger and Fries in Montana.

What is your favorite place to go to for burgers and fries?

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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