Have you ever wanted to learn the art of battle or the science of medieval times? Well, you are in luck. 

A new group is forming in Bozeman called Amtgard. Amtgard teaches about medieval-era combat, science, and culture. This ranges from creating gear and weapons, to forming clans for battle. The best part: being a part of this group is free to join, and their community spreads nationwide. 

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These medieval groups also teach members how to blacksmith, sew outfits, perform, and much more. It's an all-encompassing group that brings together people that love going back to a time when everyone was a warrior and fought for a noble realm. 

You won't face any real danger though—all the weapons are made out of foam and are safe for everyone participating. Plus, you get an intense workout when you're battling several clans over the weekend. 

Photo by Casper Johansson via Unsplash
Photo by Casper Johansson via Unsplash

I always wondered why Montana never had a medieval festival. If you have never been to a medieval festival or event, they are a massive party. Cold drinks, delicious food, and everyone is dressed up and having a blast. A tall glass of mead sounds good right about now. 

I know holding a medieval festival is far off from becoming a reality, but this is a small step toward making that dream come true. Lindley Park would be perfect for an event like this. 

If you are wondering how you can join and learn more about this group, check out this Facebook page for all the details you need. 

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