Will this new development be a good thing for Bozeman, or will it exacerbate issues that locals already face?

Bozeman's population growth seems as though it won't slow any time soon, and as much as we want to blame outsiders, we aren't helping the cause either. If you don't know, there is still tons of undeveloped property around Bozeman, but almost all of it is has become available for development.

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One major project locals will want to know about is the Northwest Crossing. Northwest Crossing will be a 150,000-square-foot development across from Gallatin High School on Cottonwood Road and Oak Street. 

This development will include retail space, a walkable streetscape area, and 700 residences, as well as a 350-unit luxury apartment complex. That's what Bozeman needs—another luxury apartment complex, rather than affordable housing units. 

Photo by Umit Yildirim via Unsplash
Photo by Umit Yildirim via Unsplash

Why should you care about this development? According to the Bozeman Real Estate Group, construction will start in early spring of 2023. This development isn't an idea, it's a reality, and it's happening fast. 

There are upsides and downsides to Northwest Crossing. One massive upside is that the commercial space for retail and dining experiences will be a plus for many residents in neighboring areas. The absolute downside is the luxury apartment complex, which may only increase Bozeman's average cost of housing. 

Photo by Ralph Ravi Kayden via Unsplash
Photo by Ralph Ravi Kayden via Unsplash

Bozeman real estate has been pushing out many locals and young adults who want to live in this beautiful area. Many of the new apartment complexes' prices are outrageous and are occupied by out-of-state residents working remotely. 

Are we overreacting? Maybe. I just hope is the other 350 residences that will be in this area are moderately priced and support the working class people this development will need to uphold the businesses that will be in the area. 

Only time will tell. For more details, check out Northwest Crossing

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