I am truly sorry. I will explain why it ended up this way. The reasons aren't excuses, I just want you to know that my intentions were pure and I didn't mean to ignore you completely.

Dear Muscles,

Please forgive me. For the last couple of years, I've been in a weird place. I haven't paid any attention to you. I haven't given you the type of love you deserve yet you still carried on. You continued to be yourself despite the fact that you were becoming more weak by the day. I ignored you and I am sorry for that.

credit: degrassi.wikia.com

Yesterday when we met with the personal trainer, it was nice to bring you to the forefront, again. I know things won't be the same as they used to be but I hope that I can get us back to that point.

I will show you love, attention and care every day from here on out. You're angry and I can feel it in my arms, my stomach, my legs and even in my toes. You can really command attention, can't you? Nice job.

I don't see you but I know you're there. I look forward to the day we can be strong together and you don't shake every time I try to lean on you.

In the meantime, I'll be drinking a ton of water and wobbling my way through the day.


Tawsha's Brain