A Gym Membership Is Like Dating
As someone who joined a gym at the beginning of the year (yes, I'm one of those people), I can completely relate to the emotions a newbie goes through at the gym. Have you had the same experience?
New Exercise Alert: Face Fitness
You have chosen to live a more healthy lifestyle so you are now working out more, right? Common areas to focus on are your thighs, your midsection and making those arms a little more shapely. Have you thought about your face? Apparently, we've all been missing a huge part of our body - The Face…
Huge Apology
I am truly sorry. I will explain why it ended up this way. The reasons aren't excuses, I just want you to know that my intentions were pure and I didn't mean to ignore you completely.
Diet WIN! Kitchen Safe Locks Out Temptation
Most of our problem when we make a New Year's Resolution or even just try to simply change a habit is that it's a...well..habit. We don't really know that we're doing it until we are interrupted in the middle of doing it. Do you reach for something sweet or even spend without thi…