When it comes to tipping, lots of folks have lots of opinions.

Of course, traditionally, folks in the service industry have often relied on tips to supplement their income, but with the demand for employees and many businesses paying a high hourly wage, should that affect the amount or percentage that Montanan's tip?

Plus, who do you decide to tip?  Do you tip the person that makes your sub sandwich? Do you tip the person that makes your coffee? Almost everywhere we go now, there is either a "tip jar" or a place on the receipt to add a tip for...well almost everything.

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We asked fellow Montanans their thoughts when it comes to tipping and as you can imagine, we had several different answers. However, it seems that there are two different schools of thought when it comes to tipping in Montana.

First, there is the percentage method. As far as percentages go, it seems that most Montanans feel that between 15 to 20 percent of the overall bill is an adequate tip amount.

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Second, there is the quality of service method. Many Montanans feel that the tip comes down to the service provided.  So, basically, the amount of the tip comes down to the satisfaction with the service you receive.

Honestly, a combination of the two makes a lot of sense.

Paying The Bill

I mean why would you pay someone a set amount if the service is lacking?  It seems logical to have a percentage amount that you pay, but only if certain criteria are met, right? Of course, the topic is open for debate. What about you?  Are you a percentage person or a quality of service person?

Let us know by sending us a message on our radio station app.

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