'Tis the season my friends!

While we all wait patiently for Season 4 of Yellowstone to premiere on November 7th, here is another date you'll want to mark on your calendar, December 19th.  That's the day that the prequel to Yellowstone will debut on Paramount Plus.

The show, which is called Y:1883 tells the story of how the Dutton family came to settle and live in Montana.  It follows their journey across the great plains. The show, which features an all-star cast is expected to do big things and season one will consist of 10 episodes.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliot, and Billy Bob Thornton are just a few of the names that will take part in the new series. McGraw and Hill star as James and Margaret Dutton. The series also reunites McGraw and Thornton who both starred in the film Friday Night Lights.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Perform in Melbourne
Martin Philbey / Stringer

According to someone close to the project, filming is taking place right now here in Montana, with work being done in the Crazies, which is about an hours drive from Bozeman.

Fans of Yellowstone first caught wind of the prequal during last February's Super Bowl.  There is currently an 11 second teaser that is playing all over social media and several photos have been released of the stars on set as their characters.

For those who are wondering if the new series will play on the Peacock app much like Yellowstone, it looks like that's not an option.

In order to watch the new series you will have to go through Paramount Plus.  There are currently two option plans with the Paramount Plus app, limited commercials for 5 dollars a month or you can go with no commercials for 10 dollars a month.

So, if you have a Yellowstone fan in your life, maybe an early Christmas present could be a subscription for them? Or treat yourself and get one for you.

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