When it comes to large-scale venues for concerts or events, the choices are slim in Montana. Not everyone is going to enjoy what we have to offer. 

When it comes to venues in Montana, we are solid when it comes to small to medium size venues. Here in Bozeman, we have The ELM, The Rialto, and several other small venues that host concerts. The largest arena in Bozeman is the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse on the Montana State campus. 

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The Brick hosts everything from sporting events to concerts to events. The Brick covers every massive event that rolls through the Bozeman area. I've gone to several events at the Brick Breeden and had a fantastic time. There isn't a bad seat in the house for sporting events or concerts, and the floor is soft and won't hurt your feet after hours of standing. 

Brick Breeden Fieldhouse via Facebook
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse via Facebook

We found that not everyone has a great experience at The Brick like the rest of us. I went to Brick Breeden's Google Reviews and found hilarious one-star reviews. I think some of these folks need to lighten up a little bit. Here are a few of our favorites we found. 

One man named Carl was angry about security for one reason, 

Terrible concert security took my ecig without a warning. They need to be more relaxed and less grumpy. When I went to get it back after the show, and lost it. They bascially stole from me. 

It sounds like security did you a favor. Here's another review of a lady with certain feelings about Montana State. 

Boo cats. 

Simple and straight to the point. You have to appreciate that. Here's someone who didn't want to give their reason for the one-star review. 

None of your damn business. 

If you go through these reviews, you will see that most of the problems people have with The Brick are either, Bobcat related or they aren't fans of the setup for beer lines or merch booths. 

Brick Breeden Fieldhouse via Facebook
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse via Facebook

Those are easy remedies and harmless problems to have in the biggest venue in Bozeman. We should be fortunate to have a venue like the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse in Bozeman. 

For details on upcoming events, check out the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse

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