I always try to find something "local" to do at least once or twice a week. This way, I can learn about this amazing town first hand! My latest adventure was a hike to the "M". Also known as the M Trail, it's the M on the side of Bridger Mountain. I packed my water, put on some sunblock, and was ready to go. So I thought.

I pull up to the parking area and there are a few people there. I would say maybe 15 but the trail to the top was not crowded at all, everyone was kind of on their own pace. Here is the thing I did not know, there are two trail options for this hike. I didn't read the sign that is posted at the trailhead. My mistake! So halfway up the "hard side" I said to some other hikers, "This is tough". They let me know that there was an easier route, I just went the wrong way. Good to know I thought, SMH. Considering I was already halfway, I decided to keep ongoing.

attachment-m trail2

I had finally made it! It didn't take too long, and I do not consider myself a professional hiker AT ALL. It was a hard hike, more so because I made the rookie mistake of thinking I would just go up there quick and then come down. The way down was almost harder than the way up, as I slipped a few times on the dirt and rocks. I have learned three things from this hike. First, I need better shoes. Second, I need one of those backpack things that have the waterspout. Third, read the dang signs. The view was breathtaking and worth every minute of the hike!

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