Congratulations Montana, we did it! We set a record today for the highest gas prices ever.

Gas prices are on the rise again across the state, and this time they've hit an all-time high. In what has become a trend, another week and another increase at the fuel pumps. Here in Bozeman, a gallon of regular unleaded will cost you 4.29 on average. That's 3 cents more than the state average for Montana. Although, the Bozeman average is cheaper than the Gallatin County Average.  The average for the county as of this morning is 4.32 per gallon.

How about diesel? A gallon of diesel on average is running 5.49 a gallon in Montana. So where can you find the cheapest gas in Montana?

According to AAA, that honor belongs to Richland County in the far eastern part of the state. On average, gas is 3.98 a gallon in Richland County. The most expensive place in Montana to buy gas? Carter County over in the southeast corner of the state will cost you 4.43 a gallon.

Gas sign with high prices
Mark Tantrum

Is there any sign of relief?

It doesn't seem so, at least not in the near future.  With Memorial Day Weekend just a couple of weeks away, that will kick off the summer driving season, which will result in higher prices at the pump. Of course, everything is more expensive in Montana during the summer, so for those that will be visiting here, or even for Montanans that will be traveling the state, be prepared to pay more than ever before.


Oh, and throw in the fact that the President's Administration just canceled gas and oil leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico...well, that has all kinds of Montanans and Americans angry, especially Republicans.

So let me ask you this, at what point do you limit your travel?  How high does gas have to get before you say, "ya know, we need to really re-think our summer or travel plans"? For many Montanans, that has already happened. Several folks simply can't afford to pay the high prices for fuel, as well as the higher costs for other goods and needed supplies.

The only good news is in all of this, there is a little relief out there.  Costco and Sam's Club offer discounted gas if you're a member, and Town Pump has the Pump It Up Rewards program as well. With the high prices, it is certainly something to look into.

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