Housing inventory in Bozeman continues to be low, but that doesn't mean the existing inventory isn't selling like hotcakes.

We decided to check out the range of available homes on Zillow to find the highest-priced home and the lowest-priced home on the market in Bozeman.

First, we searched for Bozeman on the Zillow website. After the list of houses popped up, we changed search settings to Price (High to Low).

The sprawling 2,268-acre High Flat Ranch is 15 minutes from downtown Bozeman, and is currently the highest-priced piece of property in the Bozeman area, features three move-in ready homes and all the necessary farm/ranch outbuildings. It's currently listed by Hayden Outdoors Real Estate for $22,700,000, according to Zillow. Since we are looking at single-family homes, the High Flat Ranch won't be the featured 'Highest-Priced' home.

The highest-priced single-family home currently on the market is a 240-acre "Trophy" ranch located at 13830 Cottonwood Rd. that features a four-bedroom, four-bath home. According to the listing on Zillow, The property is divided into four separate parcels, with no covenants or zoning, which simplifies placement of family homesites or facilitates easy partnerships. The property is listed by Montana Real Estate Group for $18,960,000.

Big Sky Country MLS
Big Sky Country MLS

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After finding the highest-priced home, we changed the search setting to Price (Low to High). Here's what we found. The lowest-priced home in Bozeman is located at 61 N. 24th Ave. It's a cute 1,190 sqft single-family home listed for $315,000. The home features a large kitchen, open living area, 3 bedrooms, yard, and private deck overlooking a secluded seasonal stream.

Big Sky Country MLS

The home is located on land owned by the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) and is leased for $50/month, buyer must apply with HRDC prior to writing an offer. The home is available to first-time homebuyers only, and income limits are included. For more information on the listing, click here.

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