The amount of movies I have seen so far since the theater has opened is pretty impressive and scary.

If you haven't realized yet but Regal Cinemas in Bozeman reopened, thankfully, back at the beginning of May and it's absolutely fantastic. Personally, I have seen six movies since the movie theater reopened. The experience of going to a movie theater with friends and family is so much better than watching a brand new movie in your home. Some folks might disagree but the theater allows you to be fully submerged with surround sound, popcorn, soda, and a big screen to enjoy.

There have been some changes to the movie theater here in Bozeman such as limited concession items, they only have soda, popcorn, and candy, the essentials, and they are trying to ask folks to buy their tickets beforehand to make life easier getting into the theater. Also, fair warning Regal Cinemas is now partnered with Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola and that has upset some folks but we will live.

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Also, if you are a big movie goer like me I would highly recommend looking into Regal Unlimited where you can go to as many movies as you want with no restrictions and it's only $18 a month. So if you go to two movies a month, it essentially pays for itself.

With big movies like Fast and the Furious 9, Black Widow, and more coming out, are you waiting for bigger films to come to the theater or just hesitant to go back? Let us know.

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