Are you a hardcore skier/snowboarder who loves to travel and hit up as many great ski resorts as possible during the winter? Do you also love to save money? Well I have some great news for you.


If you have always wanted to travel to some of the best spots for winter fun you might want to get the IKON Pass. It's a ski pass for 26(yeah, that many) top premier destinations to enjoy skiing and snowboarding all over North America. Even Montana's own Big Sky Resort is one of the resorts you can take advantage of. The coolest part is that it's not that expensive.

The tickets range from $599 to $899 which isn't too bad especially when you factor in all of the amazing places you can check out.

By the way a majority of the resorts are in the West from Utah to Colorado to Canada as well. For more details on prices and all the resorts you can go to,check out IKON Pass' website.

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