Well this will be inconvenient for some residents.

The City of Bozeman announced that starting today, June 29th Haggerty Lane will be closed between Main Street to Ellis Street.

The reason for the closure is due to an installation of a new sewer main.

If you need to access the softball complex or the apartment complexes on Haggerty Lane don't worry, you can still access the parking lot but you will have to drive on Highland and then take a left on Ellis and drive on Haggerty. Essentially it is the long way to the parking lot.

With the weather getting nicer everyday, the City of Bozeman is trying to take advantage they have to getting these road construction projects done. Even though we all feel extremely annoyed by them. They have to happen for the good of the city.

There are closures all over Bozeman from Durston to Ferguson to Cottonwood to the never ending Rouse road closures that have lasted months.

The City of Bozeman also stated that this project should keep Haggerty Lane closed for the whole month of July.

That will be a pain for people especially for the folks who have softball games and for many residents that live up off of Haggerty Lane.

If you ever need more details on road closures happening in or around Bozeman just check out the Street Report page on the City of Bozeman website.

It's a great place to check weekly because new projects and road closures happen all the time. Be aware Bozeman!