Bozeman has many incredible restaurants. Whatever you are in the mood for is available; American, Italian, Asian, and many others. Despite this wide variety of cuisine, there's one type of restaurant we don't have, and we feel its absence. There's no doubt that it would be a total home-run with locals.

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I am talking about a dog-friendly restaurant. No, not a restaurant where your furry friend is allowed to hang out. I am talking about a restaurant that has a menu for both dogs and their owners to enjoy. 

Pub Dog Colorado via Facebook
Pub Dog Colorado via Facebook

I came across a list of the Top Dog-Friendly Restaurants in America, and they're more common than you might think. Not only do they have a doggy menu, many also have areas for dogs to play in, or hooks so your dog doesn't stray away from your booth. Many of these restaurants want you to enjoy your meal, but also want your best friend to have an experience of their own. 

This list got me thinking; why hasn't anyone opened an actual dog-friendly restaurant in Bozeman? If they opened a location downtown, it would be a massive hit with locals. 

Pups & Cups Café via Facebook
Pups & Cups Café via Facebook

One thing locals love here in the Gallatin Valley is making sure their dogs have long, fun lives. I told my sister about this idea and she was surprised it was even a thing. I have to say, it was a pleasant surprise for me as well.

Maybe one day, a place like this will open in Bozeman. It seems like a fantastic idea, with all our dog-loving locals. Check out dog-friendly restaurants in America. 

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