There is no better feeling in the world than giving a forever home to an animal who deserves love.

If you live in the Gallatin Valley, you either have an animal living with your or your neighbors do. Locals love their animals. There are many fantastic dog parks in and around the Bozeman area, events helping animals, and some pet stores that care about the health and well-being of your animal.

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People having an animal surged during the COVID-19 shutdown. When folks were tucked away in their homes during the lockdown, they needed a furry friend to help them through the tough times.

Whether you love cats or dogs, these animals are crucial to people's mental health and bring joy to them every day.

Photo by Camilo Fierro via Unsplash
Photo by Camilo Fierro via Unsplash

That's why our animal shelters are crucial in helping connect locals to animals who need your help and could end up helping you.

We made a list of every Gallatin Valley animal shelter that does fantastic work with dogs and cats that deserve a forever home. Whether you want a big or small dog or a cat that will wake you up at 3 AM during their witching hour, these animal shelters should be on your radar.

Photo by The Lucky Neko via Unsplash
Photo by The Lucky Neko via Unsplash

The only hurdle you might have to deal with is whether or not your apartment complex allows animals. As long as you are responsible, I don't see the problem.

Just be careful if you live in the Bozeman area. If you have more than two animals in your household, you are supposed to apply for a kennel license. That shouldn't deter you from adopting an adorable pet.

Here are Four Amazing Animals Shelters in the Gallatin Valley.

Four Amazing Animals Shelters in the Gallatin Valley

Looking to adopt a new furry friend into your family? Here are a few animal shelters to check out.

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